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General Terms and Conditions

1- Attending this trip means you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

2- Attending this trip means you are accepting any possible risks that could potentially exist during the trip. 

3- This trip is only for attendees who are 21 years or above. Pets are not permitted to these experiences.

4- It is recommended that you wear proper outdoor suitable outfit and it is advisable to wear hiking or sport style shoes.

5- Discussions or clothings that are related to Politics and Religion are not welcomed during the trip.

6- Public display of intimacy not permitted  - abide by the Laws and cultural Guidelines of Saudi Arabia.

7- Any type of Drugs or Alcohol is not permitted during the trip.

8- Any no shows , if not properly justified, will be expected to pay the full fee.

9 - Littering is not permitted at the campsite and throughout any activity (Bottles, bags, paper, tissue)


10- Photography/videos/social media sharing is allowed during the trip as long as the content does not expose other attendees without their permission.

11- You have to respect the other members at all times, any reported disturbance or abuse to other guests will be dealt with immediately with the required action.

12- We provide transportation (buses) for attendees who do not have a suitable transportation means

13- To navigate in the desert you will need to install an application called “Wikilock” or “Gaia” it saves the route going to and from the camp site.


14- The trip specifications may be changed on the trip day without further notice.

15- Booking means you accept all the general terms and conditions stated above

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